Quality Control
Industrial progressions confined over
quality dominance

Vinayaka Electro Alloys, an industry that dispatches qualitative product with various testing procedures undertaken for assuring product's quality such as Chemical Testing, Mechanical Testing, Sand Testing, Non-destructive and Inspection.

Chemical Testing
Optical Emission Spectrometer (Fe & Ni base with 28 elements
including nitrogen) called as SpectromaxX which is used for
chemical Analysis of incoming material and bath metals.
We also use Carbon & Sulphur Determination Equipment in our
chemical testing.
Mechanical Testing
At Vinayaka Electro Alloys, we use contemporary machineries
from Krystal Tech with 400kn Universal Testing Machine,
Brinnell hardness testing machine and Impact Testing Machine.
The inspection of the quality after passing through various methods
is one of the major roles in final inspection which is done through
Visual Examination, NDT tests and Dimension Inspection ensuring
Sand Testing
We use the Sand Testing Equipments for identifying the quality of
the sand for manufacturing.
We at Vinayaka have an advanced in-house facility for Magnetic particle Testing
with Fluorescent and Non Fluorescent method.
Dye penetrant Testing.
Ultrasonic testing by EEC/Micro scans PX10.
In house radiography testing facility.
" The forever commitment offered to our reputed products with distinctive quality checks makes us sustain our customers with rapid business progression. "