Constant inclination towards
industrial revolutionize

As a manufacturer of steel castings, we serve the best in offering our best product outcome with our up-to-the-minute manufacturing facilities which are integrated with pattern shop, moulding, melting, heat treatment and fettling process.

Pattern Shop
Fully equipped to mount & inspect pattern equipments.
Well established vendors for supply of pattern & core box in
wood and Aluminum.
Co2 Process and Self setting process.
Core sand mixer.
2Tons hook hanger automatic shot blasting machine
Pickling & passivation facilities.
Electrically operated swing frame & flexible shaft grinders.
4 No's Welding Rectifiers – ADOR Make 600Amps.
15 Ton, 5 Ton, 3 Ton and 2 Ton Capacity EOT Cranes.
Screw air compressor with air dryer – ELGI EQPTS.
Medium frequency Duraline induction furnace - 750KW VIP Panel with
3 Ton, 1 Ton and 300 Kgs crucible. Make Inductotherm (I) Pvt. Ltd
Bottom pouring ladle - 4tons and 1.4 tons,
Lip pouring ladle - 1Ton, 500kgs, 300kgs and hand shanks.
Immersion pyrometers
Heat Treatment
2Ton and 3Ton Electric automatic temperature controlled heat treatment
furnace with water quenching facilities.
" We escalate each of the business accomplishments with our team's utmost support over a core belief of providing a lot more to our customers than just fulfilling their requirements. "